Red Sea is a series of photographic works and a three screen video installation. The photographs, all of which are large format prints, are made around the British coastline at night and address issues of climate change and the gradual warming of our seas.

All the photographs are long exposures and record the passing of time, the sea, the moon and stars, the passage of ships, communication systems and contain an element of performance that takes place at the ever changing boundary between the land and the sea.

There are 12 photographs in the Red Sea series and a three screen video installation of variable dimensions. The video piece documents a journey across the North Sea and the various means of navigational support from lighthouses, marker buoys and the now semi obsolete technology of morse code. The piece is silent but there is an ever present visual morse code signalling cycle transmitting messages and requests for information about ships cargo, destinations and points of departure and destination.

The Red Sea project was shown at Box 38 Gallery, Ostende, Belgium in 2007 and at Peninsular Arts, Plymouth in 2008.

The exhibition was curated by Chris Wainwright and also included installations by Kate Elwes, William Raban and Susan Trangmar.