What Has To Be Done

This is a continuing project with a number of aspects comprising of performance based photographic works and the establishing of a network of individuals and organisations committed to addressing environmental issues.

The first aspect of the project was a site specific performance work at Aldeburgh in 2011 as part of  ‘Aldeburgh Arts 11’. The work was sited on Aldeburgh beach a few miles from Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, using semaphore signaling to spell out the phrase ‘What Has To Be Done’. This was a specific reference to the Joseph Beuys work ‘What Is To Be Done’ from 1981 that questioned the relationship between nuclear power and alternative technology.

The second and continuing phase of the project in 2013 was a voyage on the Tall Ship The Lady of Avenel around the Scottish Western Isles that brought together a group of artists, scientists and commentators to reconstruct the voyage of the sailing ship the Marques in 1980 by Joseph Beuys and Edinburgh Arts.