Philosophy and Ecology after the End of the World

by Timothy Morton.


Profiles ‘Red Ice 3’ by Chris Wainwright.

“Consider Chris Wainwright’s Red Ice 3 a photograph of an iceberg in red light (Plate5). To achieve this, Wainwright simply photographed the iceberg with a red flash. As Wordsworth sneered, the feminine is in play. The iceberg looks lie the femme fatale Judy in Hitchcock’s Vertigo, when she is flooded with red light……The ocean no longer looks fishy but more like a rippling layer of latex. By heightening the artificiality, Keats style something of the object as such intrudes into human social psychic space…..Without a background, without Nature, without a world, the iceberg haunts us. There is a weird effect of withdrawal and disturbing intimacy all at once, like the pull focus, another favorite Hitchcock technique. David Lynch movies and Chris Wainwright’s iceberg, or the dream pop of Slowdive or Lush are differently resonant than a constructivist map.

Published by University of Minnesota Press 2013

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