CW_Kellingley_02 copy 2‘Dark Matter’ was shown in St Mary in the Castle, Hastings in November 2016 in an exhibition with Ian land and Alex Bretall



CW_Svalbard_01 copyA selection of recent work from sites of energy, past, present and future They range from observing the natural power of the high arctic region that is increasingly influenced and threatened by the world’s escalating levels of energy production and its toxic bi products, to the equally enigmatic, inaccessible, ground breaking and financially draining work of The European Centre for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland. Sitting between these two almost polar opposites is coal, a traditional, familiar and problematic source of energy that is unsustainable in the long term but has significant implications for the communities that have depended upon it.

Somewhere in all this, be it the endless search for Dark Matter and the secret of the Universe deep underground in The Great Hadron Collider beneath the Geneva, or deep below the ice and water of the arctic as we search tirelessly and plunder the earth’s natural resources to feed our insatiable demand for energy to replenish our often thoughtless and irresponsible levels of consumption.